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Our goal in repairing, restoring, and adjusting each instrument is to assist the player to be able to fully express his or her artistry. Careful attention to detail, working with, and learning from musicians for over 30 years has helped us to achieve results that are very satisfying both to our customers and to us  We pay special attention in terms of scheduling to people who have purchased their instrument or bow from us, but of course are happy to assist anyone who requires our services. We charge $75 for an estimate, which is applied to the final invoice if you decide to have us do the work on your instrument. Also we are often able to lend an instrument, if necessary, while work is being done at our shop


While we don't perform bow repairs on site, we can assess what needs to be done, can recommend repair shops, or if time allows, get the bow repaired for you, and can lend a bow while the work is being done if that is necessary.


In addition to repairs we provide appraisals for insurance or for instruments being donated. If you need assistance in assessing the authenticity and/or value of an instrument or bow, we can help with that as well. If we feel that additional expertise is required, we can guide you through the process.

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